fil-Italia. The Official Journal of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle

VOLUME XL - No. 4 (Whole Number 162) Autumn 2014; St. Thomas, 2014

Schlagworte: Italy & Colonies Study Circle


Maria Marchetti Luciano MariaCorrespondence of Italian Prisoners of War in Ethiopia during WWII
Schlagworte: Äthiopien Kriegsgefangene II.WK

John F. GilbertFIUME; The Elusive Post Office '4' (Public Gardens)
Schlagworte: Fiume / Rijeka

Marc ParrenGreek-Italian War 1940-1941: Italian Prisoner of War Mail
Schlagworte: Griechenland Kriegsgefangene II.WK Zweiter Weltkrieg

Giorgio MigliavaccaItalian Inventor created first meter mark machine Part II
Schlagworte: Postfreistempel

Giorgio MigliavaccaTechnique perfected by Turinese Prining Professional used to produce the stamps of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Schlagworte: Toskana (Fürstentum)

Giorgio MigliavaccaThe Globetrotting Scarselle The Italian Merchants Mail of the 1200s and 1300s
Schlagworte: Francesco di Marco Datini

Mario CartoniThe singular postal history of a singular island: Castelrosso
Schlagworte: Castelrosso / Castellorizza

Alan BeckerThe Three-Line VIA DI MARE entry Marks of the Ligurian Ports
Schlagworte: Stempel

John DaviesUndated Mail from the UK to Italy
Schlagworte: Großbritannien

David TrapnellZona d'Operazione Sprovvista di Francobolli A very scarce 1943 military handstamp indicating lack of postage stamps
Schlagworte: Barfreimachung / Taxe Percue