fil-Italia. The Official Journal of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle

VOLUME XLII - No. 3 (Whole Number 169) Summer 2016; St. Thomas, 2016

Schlagworte: Italy & Colonies Study Circle


Danilo Bogoni2002 Amnesty for Immigrant Workers generated unprecedented Postal History Documents
Schlagworte: Migration Republik Italien

John F. GilbertFiume - An unusual postcard from the Allied Occupation
Schlagworte: Fiume / Rijeka

Valter AstolfiIoannina ~ Janina. An Italian Post Office on the Mountains of Epirus between Albania and Greece
Schlagworte: Janina

David TrapnellItalian POW camps in India in WW2
Schlagworte: Indien Kriegsgefangene II.WK

Alan BeckerLorenzo Obicini - Private Express Service 1809 to 1823
Schlagworte: Forwarded Mail

Louis FisetU.S.-Interned Italian Seaman in World War II
Schlagworte: Kriegsgefangene II.WK