fil-Italia. The Official Journal of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle

VOLUME XLV - No. 3 (Whole Number 181) Summer 2019; St. Thomas, 2019

Schlagworte: Italy & Colonies Study Circle


Giorgio MigliavaccaFiume Region. World War II: Quarantine and Sanitary Camps, and Civilian and prisoner of War Camps
Schlagworte: Fiume / Rijeka Lager / Konzentrationslager / Kriegsgefangenenlager Zweiter Weltkrieg

Ivan MartinašFiume Varieties
Schlagworte: Fiume / Rijeka

• • Italian Area Stamp Experts
Schlagworte: Prüfwesen

Danilo BogoniSan Marino & Vatican City Posts incorporate respective philatelic & numismatic bureuax
Schlagworte: San Marino Vatikan

Claudio Riccardo IncertiThe Mayors and the 1933 North Atlantic Cruise
Schlagworte: Geschwaderflug

Danilo BogoniTPC Carabinieri: 50 Years of Salvaging Stolen Art
Schlagworte: ### TO DO ###

Alan BeckerUnited Exhibitions: Milan 1894
Schlagworte: Mailand Weltausstellungen / Internationale Ausstellungen

Emilio CalcagnoWhen the "High Denominations" ran out … the large frankings with multiple use of the same denomination
Schlagworte: ### TO DO ###